Vacuum sputtering low-e coated glass
Low-e glass is produced by vacuum sputtering layers of coatings, including one or two layers of silver on glass. silver is the material with lowest emissivity which is a measure of a material ability to radiate energy. ordinary clear glass has a surface emissivity level of 0.84, meaning 90% of the absorbed heat is emitted from the surface. when low-e coatings are applied to glass, the surface emissivity is reduced to less than 0.1.
Low-e coatings reflect invisible long-wave infrared energy, reducing heat gain or loss in a building by redirecting the heat. low-e products have the best balance between visible light transmission and solar energy control. compared to normal solar reflective coatings, low-e has the characteristic of higher visible light transmission. a low-e product ensures warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer at the same energy consumption levels. syp’s low-e coatings have excellent energy-saving performance and will increase your building value by decreasing energy consumption. today’s investment will bring tomorrow return.
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