Clear/tinted float glass

Modern float glass manufacturing technology was invented by british pilkington in 1952, regulating the world standards for production of high-quality glass products. the float glass product of syp as china’s best glass sheet has obtained the technical support of british pilkington and enjoyed a high reputation for decades.

The float glass is made from quartz sand, dolomite, soda ash, limestone and cullet through mixing and heating to 1600°c to generate continuous glass tape with 12ft wide. firstly, the molten glass flows out of the furnace and floats on tin bath surface, then it is cooled to form annealed glass to reduce the internal pressure to the greatest extent and make it easy to cut.

1, Visible light transmittance up to 91%
2, High safety, toughened glass of the explosive rate close to zero
3, Clean viewing media, all cited King burglary
4, Excellent color rendering performance, give the glass curtain wall crystal beauty
The beauty of the crystal 5, luxury decoration, process characteristics
Thickness: 3.2mm~12mm
Max size: 3660 x 6000 (mm)
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