Fire resistance glass

Monolithic fireproof glass (dfb):

Monolithic fireproof glass (dfb) is made of ordinary sodium calcium silicon float glass as raw material for deep processing made of "deep tempered" glass. the surface pressure should be much higher than that of ordinary glass, generally above 150mpa, and the surface of the same thickness of the ordinary tempered glass compressive stress between 90-110mpa. fire-resistant glass chip only has fire integrity, no insulation nor thermal radiation, belongs to the class c fireproof glass. syp monolithic cesiumic glass has the advantages of fire resistance: flameproof glass according to the performance of fire belongs to c fireproof glass, meet fire integrity requirements. safety: broken split into small particles obtuse not easy to hurt. strength: flameproof glass strength is higher than the strength of tempered glass. thermal stability: monolithic fire-resistant glass with higher than tempered glass withstand temperature change ability. machinability: it can also be made of composite processed glass products by means of coating, hollow and interlayer.

Composite fire-resistant glass (ffb):

Composite fire-resistant glass (ffb) is usually in two or more pieces of glass with high transparency of fire insulation adhesive composite. after the fire, fire glue began to expand into a foam like insulation layer, can prevent flame spread and heat transfer. the composite fireproof glass with fire-resistant integrality, heat insulation, heat radiation and other functions, belong to a fireproof glass. note: fire integrity refers to the standard fire-resistant test conditions, fire glass side by fire, can prevent flame penetration or prevent the flame in a certain time on the back surface of the ability to appear. according to the standard, according to the complete performance of flameproof glass refractory is divided into: i (more than 90min), ii (more than 60min), iii (more than 45min), iv (more than 30min). the fire resistance rating of syp flameproof glass reached c i, namely: the fire integrity of more than 90min.

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