Public Announcement on Resolutions of the 12th Meeting of the 8th Supervisory Committee
Date:January 01,1970
The Supervisory Committee and all supervisors commit that there are no false record, misleading statement or omission of material importance of the public announcement, and will bear joint responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of its

I.  The convention of the meeting

The meeting notification and materials of the 12th meeting of the 8th supervisory committee of Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) were sent out by email on 9 Sep 2016, the meeting was held on 20 Sep 2016 in the meeting room of the Company. Three supervisors should attend the meeting and actually all the three supervisors were present at the meeting. The convention of the meeting complied with relevant provisions of theCompany Law and Articles of Association. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Hu Liqiang. Part of the Management attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.

II.  Proposals discussed at the meeting

1.      The Meeting considered and approved the Proposal on Construction of Auto Door Glass Production Line on Changshu Site

The Company’s controlled subsidiary SYP Kangqiao Autoglass Co., Ltd. (“SYPKA”) planned to develop auto glass processing business by taking advantage of idle plant on Changshu site, SYPKA will invest 90 million yuan to establish a door glass processing center in Changshu. The supervisory committeethought the project will enhance auto glass productivity of the Company, meet the capacity requirement for increasing orders, optimize industrial value chain and improve the Company’s profitability. It is in line with the Company’s integration strategy of upstream and downstream and is favorable for the interests of the Company and shareholders.

Voting result: 3 affirmative votes, 0 dissenting vote, 0 abstention vote

Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd.

21 September 2016