Changshu SYP Special Glass Co.,Ltd.

\"\"Jiangsu Pilkington SYP Glass Co.,Ltd.

\"\"Jiangsu Huadong SYP Glass Co.,Ltd.

\"\"Changshu SYP Special Glass Co.,Ltd.


Three holding subsidiaries of Jiangsu Pilkington SYP Glass Co.,Ltd.(JSYP for short), Jiangsu Huadong SYP Glass Co.,Ltd.(HSYP for short) and Changshu SYP Special Glass Co.,Ltd.(CSYP for short) form Changshu production base. The base has a total investment of USD 260 million and a registered capital of over USD 79 million, and the products cover various fields of float glass, including high-end auto glass sheet, EA online hard coating LOW-E glass, TCO film solar glass and ultra-white rolled glass. Changshu production base has 2 float glass production lines, 2 rolled glass production lines and glass melting capacity of 1570t/d, and mainly produces high-quality auto glass and building glass sheets, EA, SE, SE47, TEC-A10, TEC-15 and TEC-NZ online coated glass and ultra-white rolled glass for solar PV cell. To meet the future requirements of China to develop low-carbon economy, energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy industry, the base is organizing the development and implementation of anti-reflection technology of new online coated glass and ultra-white rolled glass, fire-resistant glass and other new technologies and new products under the guidance of group company. Its subsidiaries tightly cooperate with international certification authority SGS and actively carry out ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 to provide powerful system guarantee for continuously improving product quality and corporate social responsibility. Upholding the concept of “New Pursuit Always” of parent company—SYP, Changshu base regards the customer satisfaction, staff self-realization, corporate development and social progress as the maximal values, perseveringly develops and produces high-quality products, and strives to build SYP Group into a glass making and deep processing enterprise with the highest reputation and strength in China and a world-class enterprise.

Xinggang Road, Economic Development Zone, Changshu, Jiangsu