SYP Kangqiao Autoglass Co., Ltd.


SYP Kangqiao Autoglass Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Kangqiao Autoglass) was formerly known as Shanghai Fuhua Glass Co., Ltd, a Sino-US joint venture founded in July 1994; the company moved from No. 700, Yaohua Road, Shanghai to No. 55, Kangliu Road, Kangqiao Industrial Park, Shanghai in 2002 to coordinate with World Expo. It became a joint venture involving capitals of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China; proportion of shares: Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd. owns 50.26%, Shanghai Building Material Group Co., Ltd. owns 42.64% and Hong Kong Haijian Industrial Co., Ltd. owns the remaining 7.1%. The company\'s total asset is USD 183.5 million; registered capital is USD 115.5671 million; its covering area is 120,000 square meters, construction area is 55,000 square meters. The company produces 2 million sets of automotive glass per annum. There are 773 employees, including 72 engineering technicians.

Kangqiao Autoglass is a specialist supporting company which manufactures glasses for automobiles; it specialized in the production and sales of glasses for various front windshields, automobiles\' doors, side windows and rear windshields. Kangqiao Autoglass is a qualified supplier of many domestic automobile manufacturers including SAIC General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles of SAIC Motor, DYK, Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation and South East (Fujian) Motor Coporation Ltd., etc. and several international automobile manufacturers including General Motors Australia, Ford Australia and PSA Peugeot, etc. The company provides glasses to these manufacturers in bulk. The company once won the \"Shanghai Foreign Investment Excellent Enterprise\", \"Shanghai Foreign Investment Advanced Technological Enterprise\", \"Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise\", \"Pilot Enterprise of Patents in Shanghai\", \"Shanghai Civilization Unit\" and \"Technology Enterprise Innovation Award\", etc. SGM980 supporting glasses for Cadillac, whole vehicle glass for General Motor\'s Chevrolet Epica and glass for Shanghai Volkswagen\'s Passat manufactured by Kangqiao Autoglass won Shanghai Key New Product Award; Kangqiao Auto Glass\'s whole vehicle glass for Ford Australia Canoe and Shanghai Sail won the \"Shanghai Scientific and Technological Achievement Award\".

Manufacturing Department of Kangqiao Autoglass is equipped with toughening workshop, laminatinglaminating workshop and assembly workshop with all advanced production equipment imported from the UK, Finland, the US and Germany. Pre-treatment glass washing machine for windshield and backlite in toughen workshop recycles water resources during washing of glasses; it insists on the principle of environmental protection and conducts green production. Two printing wire printers employ side-to-side technology during printing, this technology enables high precision of positioning and the error is contained within ±0.2mm. CPB toughening furnace employs full profile control compression molding technique which possesses good repeatability and fast production speed; VPB function of the CPB electric furnace developed independently employs electric heating male die compression molding process technology outside the furnace, thus CPB electric furnace can not only manufacture automobile doors, but also more complicated double curved surface rear windshield glass. Kangqiao Autoglass introduced JK double curved surface toughening furnace in 2015; this furnace has high efficiency and low energy consumption; at the same time, it offered production capacity for CPB electric furnace to manufacture more complicated backlite. LAMINO laminating glass production line in laminating workshop added bottom heating system to manufacture front windshield glasses of large spherical surface and complicated surfaces. All laminating flow lines are controlled by computers which avoid manual setting errors. EPBL laminating compression furnace and tungsten filament wiring machine for whole glass of front windshield introduced in 2015 provide guarantees for application research of research and development of prospective products; Mold processing center adopts CAM system and three-axle machine tool and five-axle machine tool for design and processing; in this way, production efficiency is greatly increased while development cost is significantly reduced.

Kangqiao Autoglass owns one complete system guarantee system which guarantees the process development production of our products. The company passed such system certifications as ISO9002, QS9000, VDA6.1, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, OHS18000, etc. It is accredited by the US DOT standard, EC ECE Standard and China 3C Standard. Related procedural documents were formulated according to TS16949 Quality System; conduct introduction training to operators of key processes and start working after they pass the assessment; full-time inspection and testing personnel only can start working after passing training and examination of national safe glass center to ensure key posts are always under control. Implement lean production and process SPC control throughout the entire process. Approaches including JIS, 5S, spectaculars, ERP, EDI exchange systems, etc. enables the production activities more intensified; and enables logistics and information flow smoother and more efficient. Stable database technology optimizes production process, which provides original information for equipment fault diagnosis and technical experience accumulation. And keeps improving precision management and lean production levels and make efforts to create an energy-efficient, green and safe automotive glass industry.

SYP Sejin Windown Systems Co., Ltd.

SYP Sejin Windown Systems Co., Ltd. (“SYP Sejin”) is formerly known as Shanghai Donnelly Fu Hua Window Systems Co., Ltd.; its quality management is under management of Kangqiao Autoglass. SYP Sejin was founded in 1996; it is the earliest company which engages in molding and edge covering of automotive glass. The company was wholly acquired by SYP Kangqiao Autoglass Co., Ltd. in 2006 and reorganized in 2007; its shares proportion is: SYP Kangqiao Autoglass Co., Ltd. owns 51%, South Korea SEJIN Co., Ltd. joint venture owns 49%; the company mainly specialized in TPE/TPV/TPS/PVC, etc. molding and edge covering businesses of auto quarter windows. Molding machines are imported from the US and South Korea; annual production capacity is 2 million sheets. SYP Sejin  R&D team  is comprise often experienced and professional talents who specialized in molding and edge covering and are all technical backbones from US Donnelley, DaZhong LianXiang Automotive Components Co., Ltd. and South Korea Sejin. Affliated to Kangqiao Autoglass, SYP Sejin has the same R&D capability. Its domestic clients include Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, SAIC Motor, KIA, Jiangling Motors, Brilliance BMW and Zotye Auto; its overseas clients include Ford Australia, HYUNDAI and KIA. In 2015, the company took panoramic sunroof and sliding window as entry points on new product development; utilized company\'s existing resources and small amount investment expanded its industrial chain; this is an exploration along the products\' value chain and an application of company\'s integration strategy.